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Making Herbal Dream Pillows
Inspire your dreams by tucking a fragrant dream pillow into your pillowcase.
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Making Plant Medicine - Richo Cech

A modern medicine making book and formulary with its roots in original herbalism designed for every medicinal herb gardener to cultivate the full potential of the plant-human relationship.

Currently out of print. Back in stock late summer 2015.

Originally published in the year 2000, “Making Plant Medicine” has become a preferred herbal reference, used by medicine makers of all descriptions, having found its way into kitchens, herbal laboratories, and herb schools throughout the world. The book is used in tincture making classes at Bastyr University (the most prestigious naturopathic college in the US). With this fully revised and updated third edition, Richo Cech has enriched his formulary with 12 new herbs, providing a broader view of useful plant species that can be cultivated in the home garden and used in family health care.

“Making Plant Medicine will satisfy both beginners and advanced do-it-yourselfers in herbal medicine.” —Prevention Magazine
“A deep understanding of herbal craft . . .” —Rosemary Gladstar
“An excellent overview of making medicinal tinctures, vinegars, glycerites, water-based preparations, syrups, salves, baths, poultices, etc. Clearly explains the methods for making everything from simple teas to professional quality, mixed solvent tinctures equal to those in health food stores. Includes “A Gardener’s Herbal Formulary” covering over 100 herbs, with over 500 formulas, giving medicinal action, dosage, and use. Interesting stories of his own experiences give the book immediacy and bring the processes ‘off the page’ and into practical focus.” —J. L. Hudson, Seedsman
“Making Plant Medicine has been to bed with me, what more can I say?” —English Herbalist Mike Brook

276 pages, soft cover

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